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Hi Emmy!! I'm sure you get this question a lot, but I've been struggling lately. How did you maintain your confidence in your artwork while you were still developing your style? I know to not compare my art to others, but I was wondering if you had any unique insight into feeling positively about your art? (Your art is lovely btw! I'm a big fan!!)


Every artist has those days where they compare themselves to others and it just feels like an uphill battle that never ends. That’s ok! Checking out how other people do things is a cool way to learn some new tricks, but what’s NOT great is listening to that voice saying “What’s the point of me even trying? That person can do everything way better.”

There’s always gonna be someone better than you, technically, but no one in the world will ever be YOU. You, with your specific thoughts and emotions. Those are the things that will make your art great. Your choices and tastes are what’s going to make your work different from other peoples, just like their tastes make theirs stand out as well.

Don’t worry about “developing a style”. Draw in LOTS of styles. I try to do this, but I’m still pretty stuck in my artistic comfort zones a lot of the time.

It is tough staying positive sometimes! But you gotta remember that you are you, your voice is unique, and there is room for EVERYONE in the art world. Every skill level, every level of dedication to the die-hard draw-every-dayers to the once-in-a-while-doodlers. Everyone’s art is unique and interesting and worth making.

I’ll never be the best technical artist in the world, but maybe I could be an artist who makes someone barf from laughing too hard someday. Goals, man

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